Rhos Market Garden and Hill Cottage Open Day 30 June 2018


1.00pm – 4.00pm

We are celebrating 10 years since Mick and Alice came to live and start growing organic vegetables at Hill Cottage; during which time they have expanded onto their own adjoining land, eco-house and shop in Knighton, with Rhos Organics.

Workshops in the Hall Barn and Studio

Between 1.30pm and 3.30pm there will be workshops and demonstrations in the Hall Barn and Studio. It will be a series of relaxing and stimulating sessions from experienced local teachers and facilitators.


1.30 pm Marie Hudson – Viniyoga session in the Hall Barn.

Marie Hudson will teach a yoga class in the viniyoga tradition.  The session will be 45 minutes to an hour, and will consist of gentle postures, breathing and sound.  All abilities welcome.  Viniyoga is based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar, who believed yoga should be adapted to the individual needs of students.  In viniyoga, focusing on moving with the breath can transform yoga practice into a moving meditation. 

2.30.pm Paul Newman – Tai Chi demonstration and session in the Hall Barn

Paul will introduce participants to this very gentle form of exercise, relaxation and a meditation through movement. The session will last 45 minutes to an hour

1.30 pm Matthew Trustman – Sensorium Ritual in the Studio (will run concurrently with Marie and Paul’s sessions)

I’ve been running a series of creative, nurturing seasonal retreats at Hill Cottage under the title of “Soul Husbandry” for several years now. Here’s an opportunity come along to a taster session in self care, drawing from creative artistic nurturing and gentle methods. Please expect a gentle meditation in movement – focusing on reflection, witnessing, breath, curiosity, warmth, depth and humour.

I’ve called this session a Sensorium ritual – a 90 minute session that draws from the experience of running Soul Husbandry. This session is simply based around the use and delight in our senses.

I’ve included some words on my use of the word” soul” and “husbandry” which you might find interesting.

Soul or psyche: Greek: “psychē”, of “psychein”, “to breathe”  all aspects of living including reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking. Soul = Seola (Old Saxon) from Seo (sea) ‘coming from or belonging to the sea/lake’. From an ancient Germanic belief in souls being born out of and returning to a sacred lake.

Husbandry: being in the acts of giving of care and nurture towards a “household”, as in farmer and tiller ..Not gender specific.

Matthew Trustman is a practising Dramatherapist and a Trustee at the Bleddfa Centre for the Creative Spirit in the Wales. His clinical experience has been primarily with young people, parents and teachers in inner city secondary schools. For ten years he was a Senior Lecturer at Roehampton University, teaching on its Dramatherapy Masters Programme.

3.30 pm Zarine Katrak – A Chant for Well-being session in the Hall Barn (if there’s time!).

It would be helpful if you could let us know if you want to book a place, as numbers are limited. Email Zarine: info@hillcottageretreats.co.uk