Briony Greenhill Re-Wilding the Voice – An Introduction to Vocal Improvisation

Eve 27-29 September 2019




Briony Greenhill will be returning to Hill Cottage to run this exciting vocal improvisation weekend. She draws from the contemporary American tradition of collaborative vocal improvisation, with a combination of musical structure and freedom to create and share. This weekend is equally suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience.

This is how she describes the process.

“We usually sing songs. Folk songs, choral compositions, band songs, songs we’ve written.

What happens when you take the song away, but keep singing? Alone and with others?

In India they’ll say that God sings through. In Shona culture, it’s the ancestors. For me, it’s Nature. When we drop the song, the knowing, the form – and listen, really listen – somehow we allow Life to sing us and Life is pretty magnificent.

Vocal Improvisation is an extreme sport, for singers with a creativity that naturally reaches out beyond the form of songs, and into a wilder territory. It’s for singers who can sing in tune, keep a beat, and want an adventure.

We’ll play with the forms that help singers create layered sound baskets, drop deeply into the resonant body and bring out the voice in its fullness, and we’ll play. Play play play.”

Here is a short video about her work

Briony teaches and performs vocal improvisation internationally. She teaches weekend, week-long and now a year long course to intermediate and advanced vocalists; with her California-based quintet, The Elements, she recently released the world’s first ever entirely improvised 5 voice album.


Friday Evening 5.00pm – Sunday 4.00pm

Workshop, full board (vegetarian) and accommodation

Single room £220

Shared twin £180 – if two people are booking together

Workshop lunch, Saturday dinner and refreshments

Non-residential £120 (limited to four places)

Booking: please contact Zarine for a booking form or more information using the email address below. Thank you.

Feedback from participants abut this work:

“One of the most powerful experiences of my life! I feel changed on a cellular level!” (ok it was a 4 day retreat not a weekend…)

“This workshop completely opened me up to new frontiers in sound healing. Thank you. Now I feel more confident integrating my energy healing techniques with sound and voice.”

“Briony really made us all feel at home – starting off with exercises that didn’t force me outside of my comfort zone, and a no judgement pact, really allowed me to feel comfortable with the group, which then gave me the confidence to try out some solos.”

“It was seriously fun, crazy, inspiring, opening and meditative, all at the same time.”

“Some singing teachers teach you sing with your voice. Briony teaches you to sing with your heart and sing from your soul.”

“You made it feel like a womb. Protected, loved, nourished, warm and holding.”