Barbara Reid: Towards the Undivided Life: Our Inner Landscape

A Courage and  Renewal® Retreat

13-15 September 2019




“By choosing integrity, I become more whole, but wholeness does not mean perfection. It means becoming more real by acknowledging the whole of who I am.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       — Parker J. Palmer

We live in ever-changing and challenging times. We are often in transition, finding ourselves living life in unexpected ways. Faced with life’s inescapable challenges, we can become fearful that our inner light will be extinguished, that our inner darkness might be exposed. And as a result we become separated from what is true for us. We end up living a divided life, struggling to reconcile the truth of our inner lives with the outer worlds we inhabit, disconnected and out of step. In this retreat, we allow ourselves to be called back to our hidden wholeness, to the undivided life that is at our core.

Join us for this contemplative weekend, to reflect, renew, and reconnect with the inner passion, courage and sense of purpose that gives meaning to our work and life in the world. As individuals in our various life and work roles, this is an opportunity to share our unique gifts, hopes, responsibilities and perspectives.  In retreat, through conversation, creative process, and deep listening we hold space for each other to reorientate ourselves in our inner landscape and (re)discover the wholeness that anchors and sustains us in the world.

This retreat is based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the U.S.-based Center for Courage & Renewal programmes. It is facilitated by Barbara Reid, who is a UK-based facilitator for the Center. This approach to ‘personal formation’ and professional development is founded on the belief that good leadership, in its very widest sense, – the ability to genuinely be of service in communities and workplaces, – flows from the identity and integrity of the individual. The retreat process invites participants to reclaim wholeness of self and clarity of vocation while making connections between the renewal of one’s spirit and the revitalisation of the communities and workplaces of which we are part.

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