What are the stories we have to share as men? What are the voices that come from our heads, hearts, and gut? How free are we to share them? What will it take for us to move from competitiveness to mature collaboration? What kind of agreements do we need to make before we begin at all?

This will be a weekend of telling our stories and creating new ones, working through our fears in an age where the old ways of being ourselves may no longer support us; of sitting together in a circle, men to men, reflecting on a history of passions, ferocity, shame and delight.
A Weekend Residential Workshop for Men
Ashley Ramsden, Matthew Trustman and David Confino
Opening The Ground
Evening of 11-13 March 2016
We invite you to take part in a workshop to explore the masculine, through your own personal stories.
Ashley Ramsden has been a storyteller for the last 25 years. He started telling stories in Australia, where he trained as an actor in the Harkness Studio and soon founded MYTHOS, a company dedicated to the revival of the Art of Storytelling. In 1986 he then moved to the United States where he developed a range of remarkable storytelling performances and one-man-shows.

In 1988 he returned to England where at Emerson College in Sussex he soon began to host an annual International Storytelling Symposium with storyteller/author Nancy Mellon. In 1994 Ashley founded the School of Storytelling at Emerson College which draws storytellers from all over the world and focuses on different branches of the art of the storyteller. These include Storytelling as a Performing Art, Storytelling in Education, Storytelling as a Healing Art, Storytelling in the World of Business, Storytelling and the Environment. www.ashleyramsden.com
Ashley Ramsden
Matthew Trustman is a Dramatherapist, itinerant film maker and photographer. Matthew works with individuals, organisations, companies and families running sessions and designing workshops that draw from all the arts as cornerstones for personal and shared creative explorations of the experience of Living.

He has worked with parents, teachers and young people, with individuals and groups, Government departments and Boards of Companies in the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East and North America. In addition to his private practice, Matthew teaches and lectures on the Masters Dramatherapy programme at the University of Roehampton.
Matthew Trustman
David Confino
David Confino is a founding member of Mango Communities CIC. He works with individuals and groups in creating shared action programmes based on recognition and acceptance of each participant’s integrity.

David uses counselling, coaching and storytelling techniques based in participatory experiences to facilitate the acceptance of self, recognition of personal power and through that, the release of defences and acceptance of others. He was awarded his ACSTH certificate of Coaching Skills in 2007, completed the “Eloquence of the Body” and the “Now of Storytelling” at Emerson College in 2008 and has studied The Way of Council with Gigi Coyle and Somatic Therapy with Mike Lousada.
The workshop will take place in the Hall Barn. Arriving 5.30 to 6.00pm on Friday evening, after food there will be a welcoming session 8-9.30 pm, continuing from 10.00-5.00 on Saturday and 10-4.00 on Sunday. Residential participants will stay in Alder Barn, Ash Barn or Rowan Cabin. The Hall Barn is a warm, intimate space that also hosts meditation weeks and other group events.

Cost of the weekend workshop: Friday evening – Sunday 4.00pm
Workshop, full board and accommodation: £190/£180

Accommodation and Food
Accommodation is in three shared twin rooms, with two single rooms for people willing to stay in a crog loft bedroom accessed via a ladder and two additional single rooms for people who require single rooms for medical or other genuine reasons. No supplement will be charged.
All meals are vegetarian. Ingredients will be organic and locally sourced where possible.

Participants will be asked to help with clearing up and keeping the space alive and welcoming.
Please e-mail any questions about the weekend to brandhill@btinternet.com