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Events 2016
How did I get here?
This is a creative experiential weekend workshop for anyone wanting to have fun while reflecting on ‘how I got here’. It aims to provide an opportunity for participants to build a sense of well-being and balance. As a group we will use playful activities such as voicework, song, movement, images, the written and spoken word, painting and collage to recollect, record, share and weave together favourite landmarks on our individual and collective journeys. Facilitators Zarine Katrak and Sarah Adam

If you are interested in anything listed here (other than the external events) please contact Zarine or Jeremy on 01547 520044 or email: info@hillcottageretreats.co.uk
Helen Chadwick Song Theatre - Songs for the Way Home
Knighton Community Centre Bar, Thursday 25 February 2016 at 8.00pm
Opening the Ground - Men’s Residential Weekend with Ashely Ramsden, David Confino and Matthew Trustman. 11-13 March 2016
Manchester Buddhist Society Retreat
18-21 March 2016
Awareness and Insight Spring Retreat with Kovida Laura Bridgman
9-16 April 2016
The Natural Flow Singing Workshop with Michael Harper
29 April - 2 May 2016
Buddha Metta Society UK Ten Day Vesak Retreat with Luangpoh Sudhiro (Flexible Attendance)
May 2016
Theatres of Self Care - Soul Husbandry: A Weekend Journey with Matthew Trustman
20-22 May 2016.
Viniyoga Day with Marie Hudson
June 2016
Honing Your Craft - A Writers’ Weekend Workshop: with Hilary Shepherd and Rebbecca Ray Evening of 22-24 July 2016
Songs for the Way Home - Summer Singing Weekend Workshop with Helen Chadwick
Evening of 8-10 July 2016
Awareness and Insight Autumn Retreat with Kovida Laura Bridgman
10-17 September 2016
Autumn Reflections with Zarine Katrak (closed group)
Late September 2016
Earth, Body, Wisdom: A Focusing and Meditation Week with Manju Deva (closed group)
7-14 October 2016
Stillness, Movement and Expression: A Five Day In-depth Singing Workshop with Michael Harper
Last week in October 2016
IN THE STOREHOUSE – some previous events
The Intuitive Voice
This is a one day vocal improvisation workshop for anyone who wishes to strengthen and develop their relationship with their voice. Vocal improvisation, in its many forms, can be a powerful contributor to increased self-awareness, emotional well-being and a positive sense of self. It can offer imaginative ways of relating to others; and most importantly it can be fun and liberating to ‘sing your own song’. Facilitated by Sarah Harman and Zarine Katrak